Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kaba Ilco Simplex L1000 and L5000 Combination Changing

Kaba L1000
Here are the procedures for changing the combination on the L1000. You will need to contact Kaba Ilco and purchase a change key and a change tool. Also, make sure your numbers on the unit each have a nice, firm, crisp click. Do this in order after clearing the unit. If a number is soft and mushy, do not use that number in your new combination. If you have a few soft numbers, your locksmith can replace the combination chamber. By the way, the factory preset code is 2 and 4 together, then 3.
  1. With door open, turn outside handle once to clear unit of any pushed numbers.
  2. Remove small lock on rear side top of unit with special change key.
  3. Enter old combination.
  4. Insert change tool into hole on back (look at it closely), insert tool, turn to right until you hear a click. Return tool back to left, remove.
  5. Turn outside handle once to operate.
  6. Enter new combination (You can only use a number once).
  7. Turn outside lever and verify that latch is retracted.
The L5000 change is a little different.
  1. Clear outside handle.
  2. Enter old combination, and push "ENTER". Insert small Allen wrench (any size that will fit) into the hole on the front of the unit in the upper left corner. Angle your Allen wrench upwards so it can come down on the top of the change button inside the unit. Push the change button down until you feel and hear a click. Remove Allen wrench.
  3. Clear outside lever once.
  4. Enter new combination and push "ENTER". Operate outside lever to verify that the latch retracts. Test.

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