Friday, March 2, 2012

Deadbolt Tailpiece Clips - What To Do When Cylinder Spins

If your residential deadbolt cylinder just spins around when you try to use your key, that can because of a number of factors.

If you have a Kwikset deadbolt, a spinning means
  1. The part of the the tailpiece where it is attached to the deadbolt and held on by the clip, has shattered.
  2. The clip that holds the tailpiece on has shattered.
  3. The clip has just come off slightly
Go to your local hardware store.  In the event you cannot find parts, a new Kwikset deadbolt is not very expensive.  Just use the parts in the box and retain your existing keyed cylinder.

If you have a Callin deadbolt, s spinning cylinder means
  1. The deadbolt mechanism that retracts and inserts the actual bolt may have shattered.  In this case, the thumb turn or key will travel a partial distance without affecting the bolt.
  2. The tailpiece, which is held on by a threaded nut, has shattered.
Replace the parts by buying a new deadbolt.  These locks, though they look wonderful, are of extremely poor quality.

The newer Schlage deadbolts do not appear to me to be having any problems.  The tailpieces on these deadbolts are held onto the deadbolt be threaded nut.  In the event there is breakage, call you local locksmith or better hardware store.  Sometimes hardware stores have a parts box that may have the piece you are looking for.

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