Friday, November 11, 2011

Replacing a Commercial Glass Door Pivot Doesn't Make Any Sense

If you have a commercial glass door with a pivot on the top and bottom of the door, do know that they wear out! In fact, you can test the integrity of the pivot system by opening the door and pushing against the door from the lock side. You will probably notice the pivots moving. If you see this, there are a few possible reasons.
  • The pivots are worn out
  • The screws holding the pivots to the jamb and door are loose
Pivots, as compared to after market continuous hinges, are not very strong. I have seen customers have their doors blown off by wind! If the pivots are bad, here are some associated problems.
  • Door leans from the top
  • Lock bolt does not catch properly in the strike cut out
  • Top pivot actually fails and door falls out of the upper portion of the pivot
  • Door drags on thresh hold
Here are some things you can do that may help fix your problem.
  • Get a ladder and a set of open ended wrenches, tighten the bolts inside the hollow part of the door at the top
  • At the top, tighten the three Phillips screws
  • Check the bottom pivot. If it has a flat head type screw on the top, you can adjust the door by removing that screw. Down in the hole, there is an Allen wrench screw. If you tighten it, the door will elevate and eliminate dragging and realign the lock and strike. If the door is to high, seldom a problem, lower it by turning the screw counter clockwise
If the pivots will not adjust or tighten, then opt for a continuous hinge. This hinge runs from the top of the door and runs all the way to the ground, distributing the weight of the door equally along the entire door. Most hinge companies guarantee their hinges for the life of the opening, except for vandalism. A-Best Locksmith can install a continuous hinge on your door, if the application is standard, for $395 total. Expensive? Yes. But you will not have to worry about the door again!


  1. Ideally, I'd like something like a Schlage lever lock, that can be installed in a wooden fence gate, but since both sides will be exposed to the elements it would need to be weather proof (and I believe the interior side of a Schlage door handle would not survive this). Is there anything like this out there? Has someone else installed something like this?

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